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Cleve Dunn, Jr. Mentor

Cleve is very much active with the civic and social issues that face our city of Baton Rouge. He is often found at the Baton Rouge City Council meeting and at the state legislator advocating for resources for North Baton Rouge and other underserved communities. During the Great Flood of 2016, Cleve and his friends saved the lives of countless residents in the Park Forest and Monticello areas, by rescuing people from their flooded homes and transporting them to shelters. Cleve was a strong voice for increased access to healthcare in North Baton Rouge which eventually led to the opening of an Emergency Room in North Baton Rouge. Cleve was and has been on the front-line fighting justice for Alton Sterling in the aftermath of Mr. Sterling being killed by members of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Cleve recently founded the Baton Rouge Youth Aviation Experience, which is designed to educate students about career opportunities in the aviation industry. The students from Baton Rouge are given the opportunity to participate in aviation related conferences throughout the country. These forum-style mentoring sessions are held for students interested in aviation and aviation-related businesses. The program exposes students to career opportunities in the aviation industry and the applicable education paths and provides networking opportunities with professional mentors to further students’ academic development. In addition to an in-depth view of the aviation industry, the students make connections with industry leaders and are provided information about scholarship and internship opportunities. Dunn raises the money to fund this program, which included transportation, lodging, and meals for the students. There are no out of pocket cost for students who participate in the program.

  • Chairman of the Baton Rouge Airport Board of Commissioners

  • President of the Capitol High School Alumni Association

  • Member of the National Association of Parliamentarians

  • Serves on the boards for the Angel’s Empowerment Organization

  • Founding board member of the Butterfly Society Domestic Violence Origination

  • Member of The North Baton Rouge Now Blue-Ribbon Commission

  • Gov. John Bel Edwards' Police Reform and Community Engagement Committee

  • Member of the Baton Rouge City-Parish Body Camera Committee

  • Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome Police Policy Reform Advisory Committee

  • Co-Chair of Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome North Baton Rouge Revitalization Transition Team

Cleve Dunn, Jr. Community
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