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Cleve Dunn, Jr. Headshot

Dunn has been a business owner and resident of Baton Rouge his whole life. Cleve watched his parents work full-time jobs and manage businesses at the same time, which motivated him to go into business for himself. Cleve is the CEO/President of Dunn Enterprises, which manages a diverse project portfolio including real estate investments, logistics, entertainment, hair care, and the arts. Mr. Dunn is a sought-after business and political consultant, providing expertise and analysis to nonprofit organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and political candidates. Cleve and Stacy under the umbrella of Dunn Enterprises have guided the development of a logistics company; Runners Courier Services, a hair salon; Sadenae’ Hair Studio, a promotions company; La Posh Promotions, and a dance studio; Danse Noir Studio. These endeavors have created numerous jobs and income opportunities for citizens of Baton Rouge.     

Cleve’s entrepreneurship path began in the late ’90s, while Stacy worked as a hair care product platform artist and cosmetologist; Cleve was a hair care product distributor for Dudley, Bonner Brothers, and Vision Hair Products. He later started promoting some of their regional and national events including the Bonner Brother’s International Trade Show. The Dunn’s would set up a product booth where Cleve—as a consummate salesman—moved products and Stacy, along with other platform artists, showed buyers how to apply them and create new styles.

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